Tree planting campaign with Grow my Tree

tree to be planted

At Glückstoff , we have a mission to fight climate change by planting more than 50 trees every month together with our official climate partner Grow my Tree .

We believe that companies are important players in the fight against climate change. That's why we want to go ahead and reduce our CO2 emissions . Our goal is to educate and invest together to save our planet .

How does tree planting work?

Our partner Grow my Tree works with local operators in countries like Madagascar and Nepal to plant trees where the ecological, social and economic leverage is greatest - all plantings are fair , sustainable and certified.

Why plant trees?

Each tree can absorb ~22kg of CO2 per year. Year after year to fight climate change. We want to motivate our customers to minimize their CO2 emissions in everyday life and set the remaining CO2 emissions to 0 by planting trees.

Infographic CO2 consumption

What can you do to combat climate change?

1. Use a bicycle or public transport

Anyone who travels around 20 kilometers to work every day saves around 640 kilograms of CO2 a year with an average car consumption of eight liters per 100 kilometers.

2. Avoid short-haul flights

A single return flight from Hamburg to Munich causes 340 kilograms of CO2. The train journey takes longer, but it is easier and, above all, more environmentally friendly.

3. When buying devices, pay attention to energy guzzlers

Anyone who makes new purchases should pay attention to the energy efficiency of the devices: the cheapest device is not always the cheapest in the long run. Savings of up to 50 percent are possible!

4. Standby is superfluous

Standby switches are practical because you no longer have to get off the sofa to switch on the television or stereo system. But the devices also consume energy in this state – often unnecessarily much. Devices that do not have an off button should be connected to a switchable power strip. In this way, up to 300 kilograms of CO2 can be saved per household.

Go through the world with an open eye

With all of these tips, the best thing to do is go about the world yourself with an open mind, knowing that this planet only exists once.

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